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Setting up a business:

You have an awesome business idea and want to set up a business, easy enough right? Well not quite, there are actually lots of different types of businesses with a lot of different pros and cons for each. Our business structure E-Book is designed to answer some of your questions and get you on the path to starting your own business.

As there are so many options we do recommend speaking to a professional like our emerging business team here at Harlands or one of the many business start up companies out there. In this E-Book we look at some of the many options out there including:

  • Working as a Sole Trader
  • Setting up a Limited Company
  • Partnerships
  • Your responsibilities
  • Loads of other useful tips

Setting up your business can be a scary thought but with some help and the right knowledge you can start off in the best way ready for the future. You will probably find that one company option will fit you the best and just talking through your options can be enough to understand which path you want to take.

Setting up a business:

It’s important to look through all the options for setting up a business as each has different responsibilities from you, including what you need to file each year, certain tax implications and other factors.

So whether you are starting a tech start up, small sole trader business or plan to take over the world our E-Book will give you the start you need.

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