Take control

An Interview with Chris Liddle, CLiddle Consulting

Our Business Builder Podcasts are designed to give you some of best tips (from business owners and industry experts) on how to help build your business. 

Marketing Specialist, Chris Liddle from CLiddle Consulting joined us to discuss all things Marketing, CRM and Data. Chris has previously worked for some big brand names as Senior Data Analyst, Campaign Analyst and Insight Analyst but what does this mean? Chris uses data from anything that is available to analyse everything linked to an individual and focus his Marketing to maximise effect.

In this podcast, we get into the depth of all things data with Chris and what does it mean for an SME? Why we should care about the data and how best to utilise the collected data to our advantage when selling a product or service. If you thought marketing was just pretty pictures and colourful font – think again, this is using Marketing as a science!