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An Interview with Pete Southern, Clockwork Espresso

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Pete has an interesting story and an awesome product. He is the Founder at Clockwork Espresso, who make the world’s most precise coffee tamper. Pete worked in Australia as a coffee barrister and understood the importance of getting every coffee spot on or it would be getting returned. The Australians are very fussy when it comes to their coffee and will send an average quality coffee back.

When Pete returned from travelling he worked for a large company and convinced the directors to purchase an expensive coffee machine but only a few could use it and when Pete made a coffee it always tasted so much nicer. The big issue when making the coffee was the process ‘tamping’ and started the development of the product.

During the podcast Pete talks to us about the stages of making the product, the pitfalls and then the product launch and even the website crashing on day one to getting the Coffee Barrister Champion (YES, there is a competition for this) using Pete’s bespoke tamper and everyone watching the live stream intrigued to what this product is and where to get it from.