Take control

An Interview with Pete Wilkinson, Reclaro

The Harlands Business Builder podcasts are free resources designed to help business owners across the UK along their journey. In each episode, we speak to likeminded business owners to get golden nuggets from their successes and fails.

We loved the moment when Pete Wilkinson, Motivational Speaker, CEO and Founder of Reclaro agreed to come and have a chat with us. For those that don’t know Pete he is a SMI (Seriously Motivated Individual) and has completed a number of Iron Man tournaments, gone off into the hills with weights on his back for his weekend kicks - He is our very own Bear Grylls.

Pete’s business is designed for those that want action and is known as the Performance Enhancement tool for CEO’s and their teams. Putting everything into to one place leading to a strategic objective using Pete’s 1-3-5 Action plan. We use the process internally and with clients as it helps gives a purpose behind why we do things in a certain way.

We cover several aspects in this podcast with Pete not only focussing on the software but the purpose behind why he created it, how a SMI gets up in the morning and how he plans for his day and what he wants from it.