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Moving your accounts from Excel to Accounting Software:

As with most small businesses using Excel to keep track of your accounts can be the easiest and most cost affective solution. However as you grow or your needs change you may want to look at a dedicated accounting solution. This doesn’t mean you need a really complicated system or that you need to spend a lot of money. In fact cloud based solutions and stand alone products for small businesses are becoming more affordable all the time. To find out about cloud based accounting software download our E-Book on exactly that here.  

In this E-Book we will look at several key questions about changing from Excel to accounting software including:

  • Why Excel isn’t a long term solution
  • Spreadsheets are often riddled with mistakes
  • Six problems with Excel as an accounting software substitute
  • Why accounting software is better for your business
  • Seven reasons why accounting software is better than Excel

From Excel to Accounting software

Dedicated accounting software will have loads of features that Excel can’t offer allowing for growth whether that is payroll options, filing with HMRC, receipt recording or any number of advanced features.

Finally as new features become available most accountancy software options will allow you to upgrade with some allowing for add-ons which work seamlessly with the software for even more features.

Download our E-Book today and save time and stress by moving from Excel to accounting software. 

Still not sure if the cloud is for you? Take a look at our intro to Xero webinar here.